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The Galaxy Trilogy

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The Year is 2220. The icecaps have melted, the coastal cities are flooded, the weather has become devastatingly extreme, and the Earth is critically overpopulated. In an effort to find a new planet to colonize, the International Union of Nations launches the Hope, the first starship capable of faster-than-light travel. The Hope sets out on its maiden voyage and maroons on a small planet where electricity doesn’t function, stuck in the middle ages, locked in an epic feudal war between the ruling families for the throne. Join first officer Zander Hawke and his crew on a quest for survival.

The Galaxy Trilogy is an action-packed swashbuckling space opera ... guaranteed to buckle your swash.

An Insta-Novel is a novel released as a Story on Instagram. The Insta-Novel was recently pioneered by the visionaries of the New York Public Library and creative agency Mother with the release of several classics, such as Alice in Wonderland. Demosthenes Armeniades' Galaxy Trilogy is the first original first edition insta-novel to be released as a serial, chapter-by-chapter on Instagram.


The first chapter of Galaxy is now available to read at @TheGalaxyTrilogy.

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About the Author

Demosthenes Armeniades lives and writes in Los Angeles, where he’s currently working on adapting the Galaxy Trilogy for the screen. 

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